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Community News & Announcements
38 4 Welcome
by timetestedtools
General Tool Collector information
General Discussion
1367 188 Ohio Tool Co. Cast Iron No. 05 1/2
by Glen
Off topic - Just shoot the breeze (but no politics or religion please) 1704 150 Happy Thanksgiving 2018
by timetestedtools
Request a Tool category & other site improvement suggestions. 127 22 National hand planes
by Casey Benton
Buy-Sell-Trade-Swap-Barter for your tools 993 172 several wooden / coffin planes FS
by woodbutcher
My Wish List
Post items you are looking for, wish to buy, wish to find, or are otherwise in search of.
106 24 Stanley #45 Spur Screw
by greensnow
Moderators Only
A private discussion area only viewable by moderators.
- - Donors Only
     Vintage Hand Planes
Link to Timetestedtools.net Hand Planes - - No posts
Stanley Hand Planes 729 104 A different kind of Stanley frog seat.
by timetestedtools
Sargent hand Planes 521 77 Sargent #5217 Block Plane
by chennema
Millers Falls Hand Planes 400 41 Miller Falls #14 cleanup questions
by pete.delacruz.911
Bedrock Hand Planes 54 10 608 604
by Clint Bradley
Edwin Hahn Planes 7 3 A no 3 Hahn
by timetestedtools
Siegley Hand Planes 126 14 StS Siegley size 4
by TomiRosso
Ohio Tools Hand Planes
For Ohio Tools Planes and related like Auburn Tools, New York Tool Co., Owasco Tool Co., Genesee Tool Co., Ensenore and Star
98 16 Plane question jointer.
by Sharps-Nut
Union Hand Planes 146 15 Union 43-Restoration follow up question coating
by timetestedtools
Keen Kutter Planes 66 12 Keen Kutter lever caps
by rogfos
Buck Rogers by Millers Falls 14 3 Millers Falls No. 709 and 714
by Glen
Winchester Planes 17 3 Restoration question
by timetestedtools
Birmingham Planes ("B" Planes) 93 14 Birmingham Stanley Hybrid
by PByoung
Chaplin Planes 24 6 Just saw this
by timetestedtools
Other Planes and general information
Anything Else not listed
227 39 Illinois Stamping & Mfg. Co.
by woodbutcher
Metallic Plane Co
Metallic Plane Co., Auburn NY
7 3 An Elliot Storkes patented plane.
by mknickel
Steers Patented Bench Planes
Planes manufactured by Brattleboro Tool Co. and marketed by C. E Jennings.
19 2 Steers Patent 305 Jack Plane
by corelz125
Standard Rule / Upson
Standard Rule merged with Upson in 1888, so we'll put them together.
31 6 Upson Nut #110
by Glen
Birdsill Holly 2 2 Interesting Birdsill Holly info
by timetestedtools
Vaughan & Bushnell
Vaughan & Bushnell (V&B)
0 0 No posts
Marshall Wells Zenith
4 1 Zenith Z-5 Made by V&B
by Glen
Preston Planes
Planes By Edward Preston
0 0 No posts
What do I have & Misc Plane Questions 562 82 who made this
by corelz125
Stanley English Plane Type Study 15 4 Dating UK no 7
by timetestedtools
     Infill Planes
Norris Planes 0 0 No posts
Other Infill Planes 1 1 G. Davies Infill
by timetestedtools
Before & After photos
Before & After photos of restorations
514 62 Some Restorations
by timetestedtools
When & How to restore discussions 460 60 how to fix this saw handle
by timetestedtools
     Shop & Self Made Planes
Krenov Style Shop made 7 3 work in process
by timetestedtools
Shop made Infills 100 14 A brass scrub.
by Angie
Misc Shop Made planes and tools 33 10 Rest in Peace, Wally Oakenwhacker
by timetestedtools
     Wood Bodied Hand Planes
Sandusky Wood Planes 16 4 #3 smoother
by Glen
Ohio Tools Wood Planes 39 5 #54 moving filister
by Glen
E.C.Emmerich hand planes 0 0 No posts
ULMIA Hand Planes 0 0 No posts
Other or no name Wood bodied Planes 93 15 Plough/Plow Recommendations
by timetestedtools
Wood Molding Planes
A spot for all things that have to do with Wood Molding planes.
28 4 A new topic for Wood molding planes.
by Glen
Early American plane makers 9 2 Well, I found a mark.
by Glen
     Misc Planes and Shaves
Stanley Spoke shaves 8 1 spokeshave vs scraper
by pjr
Spoke shaves and draw knives 92 12 I figured I was missing out on something
by Glen
     Block Planes
Stanley Block Planes 106 21 Stanley Block Plane Model ID
by Sweeper
Sargent Block Planes 53 10 Sargent 5307 Type 1
by timetestedtools
Millers Falls Block Planes 157 26 Mohawk Shelburne counts. #700...
by Glen
Union Block Plane 40 6 Union #227
by Paul E.
Ohio Tools Block Planes 11 2 Ohio 065
by Glen
Keen Kutter Block Planes 4 2 K18
by timetestedtools
Misc Block Planes
Any unknown or unlisted block plane
64 9 whitmore block plane
by corelz125
     Vintage Hand Saws
General Saw Discussions 298 43 Absolutely beautiful 12" bow saw
by Sweeper
Disston Saws 285 31 Found a $1 trinket today
by Sweeper
Atkins Saws 33 7 Atkins No. 1 6" x 30", caught in a time warp.
by poa
Simonds Saws 29 5 Simonds 96 or 97 backsaw
by poa
Other American-made Saws 112 26 Browne #3 ?? hand saw
by PaulM
British Saws 65 7 C. Garlick & Sons carcase saws
by BobS
Saws From Around the World 8 2 German made Hand saw
by Glen
Saw Sharpening, Repair, and Restoration 135 18 Eclipse Saw Set Dilemma
by BobS
Saw Making
Self-made Hand Saws
146 15 Matched Pair of Backsaws
by timetestedtools
     Misc Collecting Topics
Post Your Collections/Displays
My Collections
125 22 Goodall Collection
by woodbutcher
Post your latest finds - flea markets, auctions, antique shops, where ever. 1977 286 Florida Flywheelers Show & Flea Market Find
by PaulieF
Some Interesting planes and what they sold for.
Some Interesting planes and what they sold or didn't sell for. Please don't link to an action image. They get deleted. Please Download it first.
27 14 Standard Rule Plane w/ Brass - 1883 Patent - Unionville, Conn.
by Angie
     Bit Braces and Drills
Link to drills on Timetestedtools.net - - No posts
Millers Falls Bit Braces and Drills 129 15 Miller fall bench drill 0215
by ucinga
Stanley Bit Braces and Drills 8 3 Help determining value of vintage Stanley drill
by Cary Walker
North Brothers Yankee Braces and Drills 57 7 Yankee Drill Press
by Glen
Peck, Stow, and Wilcox (also P. S. & W and PEXTO) Braces and Drills 5 1 2 Pexto braces
by Glen
Post Drills 52 4 Non-Numbered Champion Blower & Forge Co Post Drill
by Sweeper
Misc Bit Braces and Drills 105 20 I Need A Little Help!!!
by bartjns
     Misc Vintage tools
Tool Boxes 133 15 the small wooden tool chest finished
by PaulM
Levels and Inclinometers 116 23 C.S. Co level
by timetestedtools
Chisels and Gouges 67 8 $2 Butcher gouge
by Bill White
Axes, Hatchets and Adzes
Vintage Axes, hatchets and other cutting tools.
53 8 Old Ax Head
by cjones6108
Rulers and Vintage measuring devices 122 18 Old Stanley rule no 27
by PaulM
Books and Literature 13 7 How about this find
by Cplane
Vintage Machinery Restorations
Ask questions or Show of your Vintage Machinery Restorations
68 10 Motor Pulley For Delta Drill Press
by Glen
Miter Boxes
For mitre boxes of all makes and models.
726 77 Traut Miter Box
by David Hart
Scrapers of all kinds 47 8 Sargent no 52
by timetestedtools
Clamps Vises and other holding tools 26 7 Unknown Wood Clamping / Holding Thingy
by timetestedtools
Hammers and other striking devices 132 22 WHO MADE IT?
by Glen
Original Shipping and Retail Boxes 16 4 Some Millers Falls
by Glen
General BlackSmithing 30 2 2 x 72" belt grinder build
by timetestedtools
Forges 0 0 No posts
Bladesmithing 1 1 A couple recent projects
by timetestedtools
     Wood Carving and Carving Tools
Wood Carving 0 0 No posts
Carving Tools and Techniques 0 0 No posts

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