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  • Miller Falls #14 cleanup questions

    I have a #14 that belonged to my father. I would like to clean some rust and repair or replace a broken tote. I have the long tote screw that is not...

    8 0 73

    Started by pete.delacruz.911

  • 52 year old mistake found

    Why is this plane a type 5 with most of the features of a type 4? In 1966 Millers Falls switched their bench planes from a type 4 to a...

    4 1 81

    Started by efwoodworks

  • The casting numbers on the 2” hinged lever cap

    The two pictures below are four different two inch lever caps used on the #9 and #14 type 1 thru type4 planes. I’m referencing these caps with...

    5 0 72

    Started by efwoodworks

  • Got a new 14

    I like it. This is the most solid #5 sized plane I've ever held. Nothing clicks or wiggles and there's close to zero backlash in anything. I think...

    3 0 77

    Started by Glen

  • Trying to identify this Millers Fall plane - need help / advice.

    Well, I'm the new guy here, so if I've posted this in the wrong forum... feel free to shoot me 😉 (or move the post, which ever lol), and accept...

    14 0 89

    Started by dcrouse

  • Millers Falls #67 and #77 Typing

    ~~ shamelessly reposted from the old TTT Lefora forum ~~ ~~ this and the next post came at different periods ~~ I found a #67 router plane at an...

    14 0 740

    Started by Glen

  • Stamps on the Millers Falls Irons

    Millers Falls tested the hardness of their irons using a Rockwell hardness testing machine. In the picture below, the silver dot at the bottom in...

    2 0 56

    Started by efwoodworks

  • Identifying the month a Millers Falls plane was made.

    Inside many of the Millers Falls packaging boxes is a hand applied stamp that identifies the month/year and a three to four digit numerical code....

    3 0 41

    Started by efwoodworks

  • Millers Falls type 1 #10

    Fresh off a post office pickup, this fiesty little number slid handily over this flat piece of white oak straight out of the box. Well, I took the...

    9 0 94

    Started by Glen

  • MF # 10C & 15C Restored

    I said I'd post a few pics of my garage sale MF #10C #15C that I got for 20 bucks each. As you can see the only thing not original that I know of...

    10 0 87

    Started by Mark Eatman

  • Millers Falls set pictures

    I'm, ah, not done. Fulton 3708, Millers Falls 8, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, 18, 22. Still missing the #7 and the #24. In this pic, there is the...

    40 0 449

    Started by Glen

  • New one on me


    8 0 93

    Started by TheOldFart

  • Type 1 transition?

    I'm sure it's laid out somewhere but I haven't run across it, was wondering why Millers Falls retooled all of their castings from the type 1s to type...

    3 0 68

    Started by mshelton

  • Millers Falls reused parts, too

    I got my 'new' No 10 today. While looking it over, I noted due to a few little details that it is a 2nd production type 2. Great! I like brass. But...

    8 0 538

    Started by Glen

  • New Stamp on a 2" Frog

    This is the first time I have ever seen this stamp on any MF frog. It's a number two above the lateral lever rivet. It was on a #9 type 2 first...

    6 0 85

    Started by efwoodworks

  • MF Planes for Craftsman - the CBB Line

    Okay, so I'm engaged in a bit of... *collecting*... at the moment, and it's the No. XCBB line of places that Craftsman sold in the mid to late 50s as...

    3 0 111

    Started by Smitty

  • What is this?

    I bought this plane on eBay so it may not have all its original parts. These are the details about it. The body has a corrugated sole with no model...

    1 0 50

    Started by efwoodworks

  • Understanding the stamps on MF plane parts

    I have been collecting Millers Falls planes for a number of years. For each plane, I’ve been logging the stamps on the blade, body, cap and frog...

    32 0 175

    Started by efwoodworks

  • Hairlip No. 8

    This is different. First time I've ever seen a knot on a knob, much less an open knot pocket. Hey Glen....whats the vintage on this 8? 60s???...

    1 0 49

    Started by poa

  • Millers Falls type 1/2 #11!

    It pays to look closely at the pictures at online auctions that aren't on ebay. They're often grainy, dark, and somewhat out of focus, but on...

    1 0 49

    Started by Glen

  • Type 1 frog pics?

    Would anyone have any type 1 MF bench planes? If so, could I get some pictures of the frog faces and the frog seating areas posted here? I have a...

    21 0 117

    Started by Glen

  • 4CBB

    I picked this one up last year and just ID'd it from Don's chart of C-man planes as a Miller's Falls #9. Some friends in Va. are marrying off...

    3 0 43

    Started by Paul E.

  • Miller Falls No. 14

    Hello fellow woodworkers, my name is kai and I live in Germany. yesterday I purchased a Millers Falls # 14 at a flea market. It has a red frog , ...

    18 0 200

    Started by kai_from_germany

  • Millers Falls type 1 #15

    Fresh off the brown truck. No cleanin' done. I assembled from the kit in the box and amazingly I remembered how they go together

    6 0 46

    Started by Glen

  • New hope for incomplete MF #7?

    Just for giggles, I tried a #8 lever cap in an incomplete #7. Just like a #3 cap in a #2 in Stanley-land, it actually went in and clamped...

    24 0 90

    Started by Glen

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