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  • Sargent thread sizes.

    I'm trying to complete a Sargent 79 (post 1948 model). If all goes well with e-bay I will only need a fence rod and a depth stop thumbscrew. I may...

    17 0 219

    Started by comboprof

  • A Sargent 5607 Block Plane Riddle

    Here is one to ponder. According to multiple sources Sargent Plane Co. produced the model 5607 low angle knuckle joint lever cap block plane from...

    3 0 18

    Started by Red5hft

  • Sargent 408 type 4

    I found a Sargent 408 type 4 corrugated but no "c" for corrugated. trying to figure out the date Picked up a lot of planes and parts. i...

    7 0 29

    Started by Dfreeman

  • A little confused on this Sargent I found today.

    Found this Sargent plane at a yard sale today, thought it was a great candidate for restoration for $5. I'm a little confused on the model though,...

    5 0 42

    Started by Vincebus

  • A Sargent Model

    Hoping you all seen this https://eaiainfo.org/2019/02/02/sargent-model-shop-tools-prototype-successor-to-shaws-patent-planes/

    2 0 28

    Started by timetestedtools

  • Sargent auto set

    I have several Sargent planes including a couple of auto sets. Is their any info out there on how to use the auto set planes?. I would like to use...

    0 0 16

    Started by zkilo

  • Sargent #5217 Block Plane

    I recently bought a block plane from an antique dealer. She said that she got the planes from WWII pilot as payment for cleaning out his hangar....

    5 0 53

    Started by chennema

  • Winchester by Sargent

    I have a Winchester 3010 that was manufactured by Sargent between 1919 and 1941 and presumably machined by Winchester. It has Winchester cast in the...

    10 0 83

    Started by Judiandave

  • 3408 and 3412

    Restored for retirement.

    5 0 53

    Started by timetestedtools

  • Sargent #10

    It took me forever to find my first Sargent #10. They are quite scarce, so seeing this one on a dealer site for pretty cheap (thanks Brian) was a bit...

    1 0 23

    Started by timetestedtools

  • Good flea market find

    Just picked this lot at the local fm. A good haul for a Sunday. Especially in this part of the country. $100 for the lot. Greg Sorry I...

    11 0 91

    Started by tipups

  • Sargent 422- Type 3?

    Have I got this ID correct? Thanks to Don and his excellent resources on this site. I own a few Sargent block planes, but this is the first Sargent...

    1 0 34

    Started by ajg681

  • Newest sargent to collection

    Another to the sargent herd. Not perfect but everything is there.

    6 0 118

    Started by corelz125

  • My freebie 422 type 2

    New here on the forums but a regular on FB Handplane collecting and restoring group. Here's my 422 that a guy gave me that had been sitting around...

    1 0 31

    Started by Brian Akers

  • Sargent 414G that's right G

    Picked this Sargent off Ebay this last weeK. I have never seen this label. Looks like a type 5 government label in red. Never saw a type 5 label in...

    4 0 51

    Started by tipups

  • Whatcha think?

    In the shop unsupervised again. Japanning was gone, so it was sandblasted and coated with a machinery clear lacquer. Frog is candy apple red. Knob...

    10 0 93

    Started by timetestedtools

  • sargent scrapers

    What is with sargent and all the different scrapers? How much of a difference is there between a 42 43 44 and the 53?

    5 0 47

    Started by corelz125

  • Sargent #76

    Posted a photo

    11 0 88

    Started by timetestedtools

  • Sargent 107 Block Plane - Help With Dating

    Hi everyone, I picked up a block plane at the thrift store that is a Sargent 107 as best as I can tell. I was trying to get a little more information...

    1 0 69

    Started by ScepticalChymist

  • Sargent adjustable handle

    Sargent offered these from 1907-1916. An adjustable tote to fit bench planes. Other than a Sargent catalogs and A copy of Sargent catalogs I've never...

    4 0 38

    Started by timetestedtools

  • Sargent Autosets

    WOW! Didn't realise how long it had been since I posted. Crazy summer, very busy. Here is the sequence on Autoset levercaps. top left to rt. 1st,...

    10 0 76

    Started by tipups

  • Sargent score

    Just picked this one up yesterday along with a 507. Sargent 1074. What makes this one nice is the plating is in excellent shape. Sargent nickel...

    3 0 51

    Started by tipups

  • 418 I've been watching

    Well after watching this plane sit on the shelf for a year I decide to make an offer. Well I was surprised when the owner took my...

    7 0 57

    Started by walt k

  • A little insanity.

    To show a little of my insanity, here is my latest acquisition. It's a Sargent Shaw Patent #24C. For a Sargent collector, this is a reason to smile....

    9 0 71

    Started by timetestedtools

  • Bad Frog

    No, not amphibians misbehaving So back in February I bought a Frankenplane, that was more or less a late model Sargent, but was incomplete. So in...

    17 0 78

    Started by jglen490

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