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  • 608 604

    I got these old planes from my neighbor they were in parts. He’s so sick he can’t tell me anything. He was a master carpenter since he got out of...

    5 0 82

    Started by Clint Bradley

  • brass blade depth adjustment knobs on bedrocks

    Most of my Bedrock planes have a 1" brass depth adj. knob on them behind the frog. But I have a 606C and 607 that have a 1 1/4" brass...

    1 0 46

    Started by Mark Eatman

  • Bedrock repair or part out?

    I bought a really nice 604 for a decent price, but the tote screw had broken off at the base. Someone who works at a machine shop offered to extract...

    6 0 129

    Started by daveparkis

  • First Bedrock

    Stanley Bedrock 605C, just acquired from fleaBay for $39. Type 3, I believe? No milled out space beneath patent date, 605 cast in the bed, b...

    3 0 58

    Started by terryR

  • My Bedrock #603

    This Nice #603 Bedrock showed up in the mail today and immediately went to the top of the restore queue. I have been looking for one for a long time....

    5 0 159

    Started by timetestedtools

  • Two New Mules

    While I had the camera out I figured that I would shoot my two new Bed Rock shop mules. A 605 and 604. They are both late Type 10s (possibly Type 11)...

    7 0 130

    Started by BRock

  • My first Bedrocks

    Putting this up just to taunt Don. Picked these up from CL. A 608C and a 604C. Both, I think are type 5 or 6. Oh yea, the 608 was $75 and...

    3 0 114

    Started by TheOldFart

  • A#605 1/2 on its way

    It seems through some unintentional process, based on some incurable addiction, I’m building a set of flat side Bedrocks. I just won a 605 1/2. I...

    12 0 122

    Started by timetestedtools

  • Part of the trade with Don

    This is one of the planes involved with the Haley trade. I'm a happy camper! Freshly tuned and sharpened when it arrived.

    0 0 92

    Started by Angie

  • Dating bedrocks

    Any idea about telling the time period or types on Bedrocks?

    2 0 110

    Started by Angie

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