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  • Union plane or not?

    Hello, greetings from Finland! Can you give me any info about this old plane? All the clues for a beginner like me is the text "Union MFG Co,...

    6 0 45

    Started by Ville

  • Union x transitional

    I can't find much about the union x transitional. Has all the union x characteristics as metal one. First time I came across one so this goes in the...

    8 0 26

    Started by corelz125

  • Union 43-Restoration follow up question coating

    I recieved some really good info to my previous question so I am putting this one out there. I successfuly disassembled my 43 and gave it a soak in...

    1 0 43

    Started by DavidRuss

  • Union 43 Restoration Question - disassemble

    I am starting to restore a number of vintage hand planes from my grandfather. One is a Union 43. It has an adjustable fence that is attached to a...

    5 0 32

    Started by DavidRuss

  • Union compass planes No. 311 & 411

    I have two union compass planes No. 311 411. One has the pins pened at the ends. Did you have to file the ends off the pins to get them off ?

    17 0 92

    Started by ABJ3rd

  • Information on typing Union Bench planes.

    Here is some Information on typing Union Bench planes or dating Union Bench planes. Please add any information you have, and where the information...

    20 0 6,753

    Started by timetestedtools

  • Questions about Union No. 6 Plane

    Hi All I'm in the process of restoring an early union No. 6 plane. The tote is broken and the knob is missing. I was hoping that someone here...

    0 0 61

    Started by Craigclick

  • Large Early Union No. 34 30" - Something worth keeping?

    New to the Forum.. Not huge into collecting tools since I'm mostly into tool ephemera, but I came across this LARGE Union.. Thoughts? Something...

    0 0 48

    Started by Fingerlakes

  • Union 6G?

    1st post. Hello and thanks for any help on the information regarding this plane. I picked up what I think is a Union 6G, 1920-1940'ish after...

    3 0 55

    Started by Lud

  • 4-1/4X 4-1/4 bench hmmm

    I posted earlier on FB but here's my strange 4s. I need to find a 4-1/2X now! Two 4-3/8 one 4-1/4X one 4-1/4 bench plane.

    6 0 87

    Started by Angie

  • X series

    This is the first time a bought a "set" together. I got a reasonable price, they're in good shape (I'm just missing a lateral adjuster that...

    15 0 278

    Started by timetestedtools

  • A Union 4-1/4? Yep!

    I was going to hold out on posting this until I got a few more to add to my collection but I think this one may stand on its own. It's a Union 4-1/4...

    30 0 264

    Started by Angie

  • Union #31 Transitional with Mosher Patent Lateral

    This was an ebay find. From the pictures in the listing the wood looked to be in excellent condition. I bought it for that reason. I was pleasantly...

    5 0 62

    Started by kdc68

  • A Union #502

    A Union #502. This series was similar to the X series but without the vertical bolt.

    7 0 91

    Started by timetestedtools

  • Union No.41

    A very sturdy match plane won off the bay of e. Haven't tried to type it yet.

    5 0 72

    Started by terryR

  • Union 4-1/2

    I got a Union 4-1/2 on eBay a couple months ago and have to say it's one of my favorites. I rolled the dice and made a best offer that was accepted....

    8 0 125

    Started by Angie

  • Union #2

    Anyone know the price range for a Union #2? I saw one for $125, just not sure if it is a good price. Looks to be very good condition.

    9 0 231

    Started by Tim Dahn

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