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  • Old Planers

    I was wondering if I could obtain information on these old planers I have and should I clean them up if I considered selling them. I have no idea...

    9 0 60

    Started by Desertwind

  • Keen Kutter lever caps

    Would anyone know if a KK lever cap would fit a K body plane ?

    3 0 28

    Started by rogfos

  • Keen Kutter 120 typing

    I recently acquired a Keen Kutter 120 that doesn't match any of the current typing information. I believe it is a copy of thee 1900-1905 Ohio 120 and...

    5 0 153

    Started by jcalabough

  • Sargent made keen kutter

    In the 19050s 60s Sargent made keen cutter planes. Here is an example restored. Thanks to Paul E for getting it to me.

    3 0 232

    Started by timetestedtools

  • old K 5 1/2

    This would be me first post so I may have mistakes . I have a K 5 1/2 it is B castings . B castings should be around 1900 . Like 1899 to 1901 . Yet I...

    9 0 82

    Started by rogfos

  • K2 for the collection

    Here is the latest addition to the Keen Kutter collection. A very nice K2, happily acquired from one of our members. Gave it a quick clean and tune....

    1 0 75

    Started by BRock

  • My collection

    This is a group shot of the Keen Kutter collection to date. It's still not complete but I've been taking my time and trying to resist acquiring every...

    5 0 113

    Started by BRock

  • KEEN KUTTER K8 for the Collection

    This beast arrived in the mail last week. The only packing material was two pieces of Styrofoam taped on the knob and tote. It's a miracle that it...

    1 0 95

    Started by BRock

  • Ohio Tools made Keen Kutter 26" transitional jointer.

    Today's project; cleaning up this fine example of an Ohio Tools made Keen Kutter 26" transitional jointer. We need to start putting together...

    1 0 131

    Started by timetestedtools

  • Ohio Tools.made KK7

    Here is the Ohio Tools made KK7

    1 0 60

    Started by timetestedtools

  • Keen Kutter logo question

    Any keen kutter guys out there that can tell me about this logo. Its on an Ohio Tools made KK7.

    2 0 138

    Started by timetestedtools

  • Half Brothers

    Here are two of my favorite Keen Kutters. I call them half brothers, a K5 1/2 and a K4 1/2. They were manufactured by Stanley for the Simmons...

    4 0 77

    Started by BRock

  • Keen Kutter rabbet plane??

    I was doing a search for the Sargent 507 rabbet plane the other night and a Google item came up for a Keen Kutter rabbet plane that appears to be...

    19 0 144

    Started by Cplane

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