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  • Stanley Block Plane Model ID

    Hello, I'm posting for help in identifying the model of this stanley block plane I picked up at an antique store this weekend. I have searched every...

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    Started by Vcsu22

  • Unknown Type of Block Plane

    I've been trying to identify and catalog my planes. I have come across a real nice block plane from...

    5 0 86

    Started by Splinter

  • Unique Stanley Block Planes from the UK

    I seen these at the NWA show last weekend. I've never seen these type before. They were bought in the UK in the late 70's or early 80's. A Stanley...

    3 0 313

    Started by timetestedtools

  • a dollar's worth of fun

    couldn't pass it up. Forgot to take a before picture, but was typically grimy, greasy and the iron was pitted and dull. Since I was already...

    4 0 47

    Started by PaulM

  • No. 19 (oddities?)

    This No. 19 SW I got in that old tool box has a coupla things going on that I don't think I've seen before. Or maybe I have, and it just didn't make...

    6 0 31

    Started by poa

  • How about a type 4 Bailey #15

    For your looking pleasure.

    0 0 24

    Started by timetestedtools

  • New knobs

    I am fitting to turn knobs for a Stanley 220 and a B-Plane block plane. Google pictures are ok for general proportions, but if anyone could share...

    3 0 48

    Started by Paul E.

  • A rare 60???

    I think I accidentally got maybe a rare Stanley 60. It has a wooden front knob, the mouth is not adjustable and the blade adjuster is much smaller...

    3 0 52

    Started by Angie

  • Weird SW logo....

    Anyone ever seen this SW logo, with the "made in usa" placed as it is on this iron? ...

    2 0 42

    Started by poa

  • s18/118 knobs.....

    As I mentioned a quite a while back, I have an s18 that is incomplete, missing it its throat plate, throat plate knob, and throat plate lever. Now...

    23 0 105

    Started by poa

  • Personality and history...

    The second s18 arrived today. Funny, one almost immediately assumes thst an s18 is gonna be a SW, because thats what you usually see with these s18s....

    7 0 39

    Started by poa

  • S18

    Managed to snipe an S18 off ebay today. Didn't steal it, but didn't get robbed either. 73 bucks, free shipping. I don't know why I like them so much....

    1 0 23

    Started by poa

  • Stanley #18 1/4

    I'm a sucker for knuckle blocks. I'm not sure why these things intriques me. These were only made from1952-1958. I'm not sure what the red pain...

    1 0 26

    Started by timetestedtools

  • Rosewood skull caps.....

    Check this out..... http://eaiainfo.org/2015/11/01/rosewood-buttons-on-lever-caps/

    3 0 35

    Started by poa

  • s18.....

    I already rambled on about how I came by this plane on the capitalism thread. Now, I have some questions. I've never seen one of these planes except...

    2 0 17

    Started by poa

  • Which Stanley block plane is this?

    I have been trying to figure which model this is. It's smaller then a 9 1/4, 91/2, 220. It's like a 16 or 17 but blade adjustment knob looks...

    7 0 57

    Started by Suppressive-Fire

  • What can I do with this no18 plane base with cracked threads

    Not sure what I can do with this crack in the threads. The rest of the plane is in ok shape, is my first of this type, so I am trying to restore to...

    8 0 91

    Started by PaulM

  • Type 3 #18 knuckle

    A type 3 Stanley #18 knuckle. I'm sure you know I have a soft spot for these. Its missing the lateral adjuster. I'll replace it if I can find the...

    0 0 31

    Started by timetestedtools

  • A cool article on Stanley knuckles.


    1 0 33

    Started by timetestedtools

  • A couple of 60 1/2's

    The one on the left stock of course. The one on the right is slightly modified.

    1 0 125

    Started by Tim Dahn

  • Type 2 Stanley 9 1/2

    Posted a photo

    3 0 129

    Started by timetestedtools

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