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  • Mohawk Shelburne counts. #700...

    The MF #700 was originally released as a Mohawk Shelburne #700 in 1932, even before the switch to type 2 in the main MF premium line. They were gone...

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    Started by Glen

  • Millers Falls #87

    This is an example of the life span of the #87 block plane. For this thread I'll refer to the three planes as type 1, 2 and 3. Type 1 (T1) is the...

    1 0 36

    Started by efwoodworks

  • Millers Falls No 707 block plane

    This came in this past week. According to oldtoolheaven.com, these were supposed to have black-painted front knobs. I'm...

    5 0 52

    Started by Glen

  • Switching the cam-lock cap on MF and Stanley

    I recently acquired a Stanley block plane with a cam-lock cap. I noticed the casting stamp on the Stanley cap matched one of my Millers Falls plane....

    3 0 56

    Started by efwoodworks

  • A Millers Falls #37

    It was hiding under just enough rust that I thought it was a #18.

    6 0 44

    Started by timetestedtools

  • WTF???????

    Never seen this, and can't find mention of it. Depth of detail seems to be about the same as the signature. What gives??

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    Started by poa

  • Millers Falls #26

    I am posting early before the thing arrives.I really did pay too much. I was not in a position to make any purchases at all, but I chose to jump and...

    7 0 47

    Started by Glen

  • Millers Falls #37 ...type 1!

    Well, thanks to others' either not noticing or being broke or getting huffy over the price, I have added a new type 1 block plane to the...

    3 0 47

    Started by Glen

  • Millers Falls #36

    Picked up on ebay

    4 0 54

    Started by timetestedtools

  • Millers Falls 45

    Ok last one for a bit. Probably. Great shape, type 2 period I think. Couldn't say for sure, but before 1956 when they switched to a visible screw...

    16 0 63

    Started by Glen

  • Millers Falls 64 scraper

    I'm not sure this really belongs here. But, Randy Roeder listed these in with the "block and specialty" planes so I suppose it's as good a...

    3 0 50

    Started by Glen

  • Millers Falls 36

    Last of the MF knuckles for me. Came with the 64 scraper. Thanks, Patrick! It's Fred Bees's old plane, haha. The 36 is essentially a Stanley #18. ...

    2 0 24

    Started by Glen

  • The 55 has arrived.

    I think this will be the last one for a while. It only ran me $10 plus shipping BIN. MF #55 adjustable block plane. Now I need only 13 more unique...

    3 0 30

    Started by Glen

  • A haha pic, and a fun one.

    I really need to get going on my restores. But here is the haha pic, duplicating the opening picture for the block and specialty planes section of...

    2 0 33

    Started by Glen

  • 4 at once.

    Today 4 boxes came. MF 700, 07 skew rabbet, and a pair of 16Cs of different periods. It turns out that the irons in these will also fit the...

    6 0 34

    Started by Glen

  • Woah! check this 47!

    http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=291683827629&alt=web I spent too much. But...leftover casting from type 1 period! Check how...

    20 0 78

    Started by Glen

  • Millers Falls No 97 block plane

    Here's the 97 I took no pictures of. Some say "No, never paint old tools!" But given this, I disagree. It's supposed to be glossy black. ...

    9 0 90

    Started by Glen

  • Millers Falls 16C

    In the "4 at once" thread and the 07 skew block thread I posted a pic of 4 planes that all arrived on the same day. I've also posted (and...

    0 0 115

    Started by Glen

  • Millers Falls #07 Skew Rabbet Block

    I already posted this "before" photo the day these arrived. The 07 is the second one down. I think these are analogous to the Stanley 140,...

    0 0 44

    Started by Glen

  • Oh my, a 17B?

    Something strange happened on ebay just now. Someone posted a 17B block plane, with a 1.99 opening bid. I messaged him and offered $30. He sent a...

    7 0 60

    Started by Glen

  • Millers Falls #37 knuckle block

    On its way...ebay pics. Looks really clean. Looks a lot like a Stanley 18...haha.

    16 0 53

    Started by Glen

  • Millers Falls #4 bullnose rabbet

    Well I just won a third one. I swear I am not collecting them. This one is a red cap with a millers falls mass stamp on the cutter, putting it a type...

    0 0 31

    Started by Glen

  • Millers Falls #57 low angle block plane

    Also on the way from the bay. Looks clean. While I prefer a brass knob up front and I've been waiting for one to appear, I decided it was time to not...

    2 0 131

    Started by Glen

  • Millers Falls #68 double-ended block plane

    So this came in today. Type 1. I don't know for sure if the cutter is original, but it seems to be. Not all of the block plane...

    7 0 56

    Started by Glen

  • Millers Falls 9033 finger plane

    This one also arrived today. (I forgot to take pics of the type 1 #97 that came last week!) This was (so I have read) intended to replace the #33....

    1 0 39

    Started by Glen

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