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  • Found a $1 trinket today

    At a Yard sale today I saw this little number from a couple tables over and went straight to it. There's enough on the blade to make it a Disston and...

    5 0 79

    Started by Sweeper

  • A good day

    I responded to a CL ad for a D115 yesterday, and he had multiples! I left with the two with the fulller plates and good etch. One is a 9 pt, and it...

    2 0 64

    Started by ajg681

  • The 22" Acme 120 panel saw..

    I've spent a little time cleaning it up. Not done yet. But this is definitely a keeper. So far, the plate did an overnight in evaporust, was wet...

    2 1 45

    Started by poa

  • How to remove green tarnish from handle?

    Hey guys, Found a Disston backsaw at an estate sale. Took it apart, and found all the saw nut holes are filled with green tarnish. Not just on the...

    1 0 36

    Started by chunger

  • 2 Disstons, one with a Chicago etch

    nothing fancy, but for $3 total I took them, especially cause the smaller one has an etch for the Chicago Board of Education. - a D8, with a 8 tpi...

    3 1 49

    Started by PaulM

  • Disston "mitre box saw" vs No. 4 backsaw.

    This has been kind of a dillema for me, in selling these mitre boxes, and entering the saw into the item description. Of course, not all old saws...

    12 0 138

    Started by poa

  • Disston veneer saw...

    This is the first time I've ever seen a Disston veneer saw. I didn't even know they had made one. If you bid on this, fair warning, I will be bidding...

    4 0 99

    Started by poa

  • No 240 metal cutting....

    Suprised me. Just derusted a blade on one of yesterday's aquisitions. This Henry Disston and Sons no 240 is marked "FOR CUTTING METAL". It...

    13 0 210

    Started by poa

  • c1875 Disston No. 12

    For a short period of time in the 1870's, Disston used cone nuts and washers on some of their saws. I was fortunate to find this Disston No. 12 from...

    21 0 109

    Started by BobS

  • 1888-early 1890's disston tiny saw???

    so I found this saw today and have never seen an old saw this small before, is this a factory saw or something someone put a disston medallion on? ...

    11 0 91

    Started by jf.knives

  • Acme 120

    Picked up this hand saw today. Friend of mine got it for $5 and I said I'll give you $20. It will go nice with my Acme 120 panel saw.

    57 0 433

    Started by Suppressive-Fire

  • Disston No 9 panel saw)

    While forced( ) to be on vacation in Maine I spent some quality time at the Hulls Cove Tool Barn.I was dumpster diving downstairs looking for parts...

    7 0 80

    Started by TheOldFart

  • Strange Disston etch

    This is going to be difficult to photograph since the saw has been abused and neglected. The medallion dates it to the war years, but I can find on...

    6 0 82

    Started by Glen

  • 1876-1877.....

    Seeing a simple tool like this, and imagining its story, fascinates me. I gave a buck for this keyhole yesterday at a garage sale. It was in a...

    1 0 29

    Started by poa

  • 1876-1877.....

    Seeing a simple tool.like this, and imagining its story, fascinates me. I gave a buck for this keyhole yesterday at a garage sale. It was in a...

    0 0 17

    Started by poa

  • Disston #24??

    I've been looking through my very limited Disston documentation. Disston institute and Hand Saw Makers of North American and can't find a thing on...

    19 0 103

    Started by timetestedtools

  • Distton #12 but???

    I just picked this Disston #12 up today. It's the handle that has me a little baffled. It sure looks like rosewood. Distton institute says they came...

    5 0 62

    Started by timetestedtools

  • Disston Buddy L tool chest saw...

    17" overall, 14" plate, 10 PPI. Ain't no toy, thats for sure. In every respect, its a quality Disston. Complete etch, but very faint....

    3 0 96

    Started by poa

  • D8 Saw nuts?

    Bought a couple of early Disston D8's at the local thrift store. Etch Anyhow I disassembled the one with the top of the handle broken...

    7 0 47

    Started by tipups

  • Another Acme 120 on ebay....


    6 0 49

    Started by poa

  • Disston D-15

    I got this gem at an antique fair today. $20. It's now one of my favorite saws.

    3 0 46

    Started by Suppressive-Fire

  • Anyone know....????

    Would a Stanley Sweetheart/Disston mitre saw have had a blued spine?

    4 0 54

    Started by poa

  • Whats the deal with D-8s....?

    Ok....so I picked up a thumbholed D-8 rip yesterday for twenty bucks. Looks like the blade is going to clean up well, with a nice etch. Its got a...

    17 0 93

    Started by poa

  • Eclipse disston....

    Derusted a crosscut Disston, and the etch is an Eclipse etch. What box store/hardware outfit was Eclipse? Seems I've seen the product name before. ...

    3 0 32

    Started by poa

  • Keystone sawworks Warranted superior

    I'm in the process of restoring and sharpening this saw. It has Keystone sawworks, which I know is the Distton manufacturing plant, but my question...

    10 0 318

    Started by timetestedtools

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