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  • Browne #3 ?? hand saw

    picked this up for $0.50, mostly for the handle. I scraped the blade of all the crap and most of the rust, and then block sanded the etch area a bit...

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    Started by PaulM

  • Zenith Marshall Wells

    Does anyone collect Zenith Marshall Wells handsaws? Found one locally that is pretty roached, but could pick it up if someone might need a medallion....

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    Started by ajg681

  • E M Boynton

    I restored this E. M. Boynton saw back in 2011 as a user. I sharpened it. The plate is so-so with some minor pitting. I then seen it had a crack...

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    Started by timetestedtools


    Any idea who made this one? thin saw plate (.030) Blued back and nothing special handle.

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    Started by tipups

  • Jacksons

    That's Michael, Tito, Janet, Jermain, and that other one. Well, they all need help. But until an 18" from 1888 or so appears, we're the...

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    Started by Glen

  • Capitol brand saw?

    I have saw, 26", 8ppi, carved wheat handle. The etch is faint, but very ornate. It is a picture of a dome capital building, and the name on the...

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    Started by ajg681

  • Plane Jane...a Bishop No. 88 miter box saw.

    Last week I recieved a No. 346A Stanley box, and this saw came with it. Its a 4" x 24" Geo. H. Bishop. Kinda suprised me, because the saw...

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    Started by poa

  • Jackson dovetail

    8" long open handle. Probably late 1880s to early 1890s. I understand they went to all closed handle after about then. I could be wrong. It...

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    Started by Glen

  • Shapleigh Hardware Columbia

    Shapleigh Hardware of St. Louis is better known for their Diamond Edge brand, but they used a number of different brand names, including Columbia...

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    Started by BobS

  • J.D. Darlington (Harvey Peace secondary line of saws)

    Some of you may have seen this on ebay. For whatever reason, it caught my eye and I grabbed it. Nice little saw. Point being, in one of my usual ebay...

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    Started by poa

  • Jackson backsaw

    Hey, I'm taking a stab at dating this. Disston-made Jackson. I understand they went to closed-tote after the 1890s. Tote also does not appear to...

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    Started by Glen

  • A Walter Cresson IXL.

    A Walter Cresson IXL. Circa 1850s Here is some information. http://hus-saws1.wkfinetools.com/CressonW/history/cressonHist-01.asp

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    Started by timetestedtools

  • Eclipse.....?????

    Hmmm.....just did a search, and it appears I've asked about this Eclipse saw before. Don answered that Eclipse was a Monkey Ward brand. Before,...

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    Started by poa

  • Eclipse.....?????

    Just started cleaning this saw up. Its an 8 ppi, and the fairly faint etch reads "Eclipse" above "84-20" above "Special...

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    Started by poa

  • Harvey Peace Vulcan Works backsaw

    I found this is a box in the back room of a salvage yard. He started at $30, and we settled on $12. It came out much better than I anticipated. Its...

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    Started by timetestedtools

  • The latest little one....a Harvey Peace.

    I like this one, alot, too. These small saws are just plain cool. The plate on this one is 14 1/2". No etch. Up next to the "Legal...

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    Started by poa

  • Harvey's nuts...

    Catchy title, eh?? Could simply mean Harvey is crazy. But that wasn't your first thought, was it? Hmmm. Anyway, this Harvey Peace keyhole has...

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    Started by poa

  • Easy money....

    That probably how sellers on ebay view me. Some of you may have seen this saw on ebay recently. And now, it resides in my house. I really have a soft...

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    Started by poa

  • Yard Sale Find. Can anyone identify?

    Posted a photo

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    Started by jagwinn

  • Accidental gems....

    A few days ago I posted on a score I made, which included an 18"x2" Gentlemans saw. The saw has no markings, except an owner's mechanical...

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    Started by poa

  • Atkins No. 65 Rip

    I just picked up an Atkins No. 65 (I'm pretty sure!), wheat engraved, nickel-plates steel nuts medallion - which I've read in Atkins is earlier...

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    Started by Glen

  • Hand saw with a tattoo.

    I picked this hand saw up about two years ago in Los Angles area. It has warranted superior medallion and the etch kind of looks like a tattoo. One...

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    Started by Suppressive-Fire

  • WS&M ?

    this was my Dad's saw, is at my brother's now. Are these of much value as user or collector? Looks like would be Wilson Saw Mfg. The metal is...

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    Started by PaulM

  • Hey Bob.....

    Have you done much with timber working saws? I have an old one man/two man crosscut, single tote with a riveted turned handle on the tote end, and a...

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    Started by poa

  • Atkin's tribute...

    Stumbled across this vid while researching Atkins..pretty neat, if you've never seen it. Didn't realize both Atkins and Disston gave it up the same...

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    Started by poa

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