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  • C. Garlick & Sons carcase saws

    This is a pair of C. Garlick Sons 12" carcase saws I just finished restoring. One is brass back, the other is blued steel back, but otherwise...

    3 0 69

    Started by BobS

  • Sheffield....

    Who can give me the rundown on Sheffield medallioned saws?? I'm assuming a Sheffield medallion is much like a Warranted Superior medallion, used on...

    11 0 98

    Started by poa

  • Thomas Ibbotson handsaw

    This is a light-handed restoration on an old saw. It looks like an antique, it is an antique, but it cuts like new.

    5 0 79

    Started by BobS

  • Thomas Sheldon & Son Tenon Saw

    Here is a Thomas Sheldon & Son back saw that I purchased a handful of years ago since it was freshly sharpened, but needed a handle repair. I finally...

    10 0 54

    Started by terryR

  • Spear & Jackson 20" Panel Saw

    I made a new handle for this little Spear Jackson panel saw out of American beech. And here it is with it's brothers, a 28" rip...

    15 0 84

    Started by BobS

  • Four Backsaws

    I just finished a restoration on these four British backsaws. These are all 14" saws filed crosscut at 12 ppi, making them sash saws. They are...

    8 1 82

    Started by BobS

  • J. Taylor & Son rip saw

    This is a J. Taylor Son rip saw that I just finished restoring. Unfortunately the plate is pitted, but it's still a nice old saw. Before ...

    6 0 147

    Started by BobS

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