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  • Eclipse Saw Set Dilemma

    Let me start off by saying, that I have more time than money and sense, because I know that the easiest thing to do would be to start over again and...

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    Started by ajg681

  • and another saw set

    came in a small box of tools, I cannot find a maker. Also, seems to be missing a piece.

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    Started by PaulM

  • another old saw set, Croissant & Bros

    I've only cleaned it so far enough to read the makers names, appears to be from Croissant Bros, out of New York. The patent that is on the tool,...

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    Started by PaulM

  • No intention

    Of collecting saw sets. I don't even sharpen my own saws. But a few Mons ago I found a Stanley 42x for I think it was $18 and I...

    16 0 111

    Started by walt k

  • Stuck handle nuts....

    Whats that saying about "the mother of invention"? And the Jorgie is just as useful with a hole in it as it is without the hole, so you...

    6 0 83

    Started by poa

  • some older saw sets

    trying to clean/organize some of the tools I have acquired. Most of these came in a few toolboxes I bought at garage sales, the others were $1 buys...

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    Started by PaulM

  • The rainbow....

    Something I don't see discussed here, very much, is color. I have been experimenting lately with over the counter stains, trying to duplicate various...

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    Started by poa

  • Howsacome I never thought of this?

    I was just looking at the D100 Disston I picked up today, and I noticed that one of the screws had a slot cut in it. Seeing as how Disston screws...

    7 0 53

    Started by poa

  • Straightening plates......

    Anyone know a good source for finding info on straightening saw plates?

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    Started by poa

  • My Grandfathers hand saw.

    couple years ago I go to San Bernardino, CA area to visit my Grandfather and on the way I was hitting every antique store and thrift store on the way...

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    Started by Suppressive-Fire

  • Saw files

    Bob Page posted a recommendation for these files on facebook. I know he sharpens a lot of Saws and does a good job, so I believe his recommendation...

    6 0 96

    Started by timetestedtools

  • Repairing handle horns....

    Often times over the years, when repairing furniture, I have had to get creative when applying finish to a repaired area. Even when using the correct...

    3 0 48

    Started by poa

  • This old girl was a mess

    This old girl was a mess. A thumbhole Disston, obviously started as a rip, somebody decided to file it crosscut, but either didn’t have a clue or...

    4 0 49

    Started by timetestedtools

  • Which saw vise??

    I've gone cross-eyed from looking at saw vises on eBay and other places online the past two days. I've read good and bad things about Wentworths and...

    36 0 534

    Started by Cplane

  • Saw Cleaning and Etching Enhancement

    My first post. Thanks to Jay T for his article on enhancing the etchings on vintage saws. My post is a variation on that theme. I used his technique...

    8 0 525

    Started by dmichael

  • Here is a link to a lot of Foley Manuals


    0 0 64

    Started by timetestedtools

  • Recommendations for saw files

    A couple questions for you guys. I'm looking to sharpen a back saw. It's 14 tpi and to my eye, it looks like it has an alternating bevel. First...

    2 0 156

    Started by PatB

  • Miller Falls Miter saw

    I have just received a MF miter saw in 65 pieces. Does anybody have a drawing of the break down of one of these?

    2 0 120

    Started by dave bardin

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