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  • Matched Pair of Backsaws

    I recently completed this matching pair of backsaws. They are built around vintage brass spines from Thomas Turner saws, a British saw maker. The...

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    Started by BobS

  • Dovetail Saw

    My dad and I met back in April up in Earlysville, Va at Joshua Farnsworth’s school to take Tom Calisto’s dovetail saw class. We learned a lot...

    2 0 26

    Started by Paul E.

  • Black Swan Kerfing Plane (Saw)

    A kerfing plane is really not a plane at all. It's a type of saw used to start a kerf in a board that you intend to resaw with a handsaw. I made this...

    5 0 45

    Started by BobS

  • Little Saw

    There hasn't been much activity in the saw part of the forum for awhile, so I thought I'd post this and maybe get some discussion going. I made this...

    10 0 126

    Started by BobS


    http://www.timetestedtools.net/2017/01/11/making-a-saw-handle-for-a-disston-d8/ ...

    4 1 222

    Started by timetestedtools

  • A Small Bench Saw

    I just finished making this 14" saw on commission. This style of saw is traditionally called a table saw, but no one seems to know why. It could...

    42 0 337

    Started by BobS

  • 14" Tenon Saw

    My first international saw order is on its way to Australia. This is a 14" tenon (rip) saw with canted blade and walnut handle.

    8 0 54

    Started by BobS

  • Pair of Dovetail Saws

    This is a pair of 10" dovetail saws I've just completed. These will be part of the two matching sets of saws that I've been working on for...

    24 0 104

    Started by BobS

  • 14" Backsaw

    Here's a 14" sash saw I just completed for a client in Louisiana. The handle is American black walnut.

    4 0 39

    Started by BobS

  • A Pair of Custom Backsaws

    Here are a couple of brass backed saws I just finished up for a client in IA. The smaller saw is a 12" carcass saw. The larger one is a 16"...

    3 0 25

    Started by BobS

  • A couple of saws

    Here are two gent's saws I've recently made. The first has a walnut handle and was made for Alan in TX. The second has a cocobolo handle and was...

    0 0 67

    Started by BobS

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