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  • Miller fall bench drill 0215

    Just looking for more info. See pics Thanks Ian

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    Started by ucinga

  • MF Angle Dangler

    Or putting the 'Fun' in Funeral So we're in Turners Falls, (right next door to Millers Falls) for the funeral of a friend's mother today. On the way...

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    Started by Sweeper

  • On Craigslist

    I saw this one. Thought it a little high. https://eastnc.craigslist.org/tls/6044035750.html Let me know if it's of interest.

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    Started by Paul E.

  • Ford auger bits

    Millers Falls bought this company in 1916 to get into the auger bit business. They were located in Holyoke Mass, next town over from my town. ...

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    Started by TheOldFart

  • Handle cap for a No. 105.....

    If anyone has one they wanna part with....its the style shown in the pic... Also missing the small knurled nut that locks the stud shown in the...

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    Started by poa

  • MF bench drill press...

    I just purchased, on the bay, a millers falls bench drill press that utilizes a breast drill. Its the kind that clamps to the bench edge. I see by...

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    Started by poa

  • An MF whatsit drill....

    Anyone know anything about this one??? Millers Falls chuck.

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    Started by poa

  • Millers Falls no 4 drill

    Tiny sucker arrived today. Realllly tiny. I don't know a lot about these, but after I crossed my fingers and pulled the trigger I did some...

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    Started by Glen

  • Frozen ratchet...

    A year or so back, I ended up with an early 12" MF no. 731, that was part of batch of tools I bought in a lot. It had an impossibly frozen...

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    Started by poa

  • #18 auger bit

    Got this delivered from the e-bay today. It's a #18 auger bit. MF. (I wonder who really made these?) 1 1/8" Irwin style. Sharpened up great,...

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    Started by Glen

  • Fluted drill bits...

    Heres a nice suprise to find in this MF no. 105 I picked up today for a 20 dollar bill.... 7 of the original 8 fluted bits were in the handle....

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    Started by poa

  • The first 5

    Since my goal was to collect the first five models (not nec. the first 5 earliest types) of Millers Falls hand drill, I met my goal. I decided that...

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    Started by Glen

  • Millers Falls #1

    Unless I find a better one of #1-#5, I got my hand drills. This is a teardrop side handled star logo #1. The logo is gone. Someone cleaned the handle...

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    Started by Glen

  • How to disassemble eggbeater drill

    I picked up a beat up 77A recently, knowing I would use it to learn how to restore. I haven't found much information about parts/assembly, mainly on...

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    Started by PaulM

  • Millers Falls #1950 "Buck Rogers" Bit brace.

    I picket this up for a dollar at an Antique shop. According to OldToolHeaven ( http://oldtoolheaven.com/brace/FeaturedBraces.htm#Buck ) ...

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    Started by timetestedtools

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