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  • Yankee Drill Press

    Started by timetestedtools: I waited a long time to find one of these. Pretty cool I think

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  • Different Yankee 41

    Started by tipups: These variants were produced during WWII. Nickel was a restricted metal. I kind of like the contrasts. Greg

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  • Yankee 1545

    Started by Paul E.: I saw this at our favorite local country store today and got to bring it home for $20. It seems a little gummy, but all the teeth are there. It is...

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  • No. 555 and 1530A.....

    Started by poa: Just received the two Yankees I bid on online, and won, on an auction out of Tempe Arizona. Both work very well. Shipping was handled by a shipping...

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  • Yankee 1555

    Started by TheOldFart: I've been watching this on CL for a few weeks. It was mislabeled as a Miller Falls so no one grabbed it. It was stiff but everything moved....

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  • Dating North Brothers Drills

    Started by Rhyolith: I have a PDF of a Catalog from 1926 (don't know well the hell it came from!) but thats all I have got to go by when dating North Brothers stuff. Does...

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  • Yankee No.1530

    Started by poa: So....this drill, which I paid 7 bucks for, was really sticky stiff. You know, when you turn something and it feels like its got coagulated goop in...

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