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  • Mystery Axe Head Identification

    Hey all! Found this really beat up single bit axe head in the bottom of a box lot I purchased. I doubt its even worth restoring in its current...

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    Started by Stevesstuff17

  • Old Ax Head

    I've had this in my shop for a long time, I'm guessing it might fall into the antique category but have no idea how to date it. Picture shows the...

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    Started by cjones6108

  • I ordered a bowl adze

    Ordered from Lisa West at WolfCreekForge. Now to sharpen the scorp and make some hook knives.

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    Started by timetestedtools

  • No pain in the Adze

    Obtained this L & I J White lipped adze through a Craig’s List ad. I’ve been looking for one of these for forty years. It is a biggin at 5”...

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    Started by Paul E.

  • Unknown pick axe ? head

    from a box of rusty tools. I let it soak a few weeks in molasses, then hit lightly with the wire wheel to look for any identifier. I know nothing...

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    Started by PaulM

  • Chair Bottoming Adze

    I am so glad to get to clean up and sharpen my third adze. It is the large size chair bottoming adze made by Hans Karlson. I bought it from Drew...

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    Started by Paul E.

  • Adzes too?

    I bought this Collins foot adze at auction a long time ago while working in a shipyard where these were a necessary tool. Browsing eBay, people seem...

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    Started by Paul E.

  • Plumb

    This is my Plumb lipped adze. In its as new condition the edge was dead flat and the lips had a sharp ninety degree turn. Jim Richardson, my...

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    Started by Paul E.

  • CAL FORESTRY DIV. two bit axe.

    Should I re handle this axe or leave it as is?

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    Started by Suppressive-Fire

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