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  • I figured I was missing out on something

    Started by Sweeper: Spokeshaves I started slowly this spring but hit the slippery slope this month and free fall today. I found a couple bargains but most at fair...

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  • Forging a draw knife...

    Started by poa: This was kinda fun to watch... https://youtu.be/Cpduan-kyqA

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  • Identification help, please.

    Started by 515Norge: I just acquired what looks to be a draw knife. It dates to 1938 time of purchase, new. There is only one maker mark, a stylized asterisk on the upper...

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  • Yardsale finds and a bit of history

    Started by OlympicAirheads: Nice addition to the tool rack at a yardsale yesterday. 4 decent drawknives, oddly all from Connecticut- but more on that in a minute. The...

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  • Inshave

    Started by Paul E.: I adjusted the handles up a bit and worked on the edge. I am glad that I really do not have too much in this one. I am setting up do make some...

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  • Double Bevel on a Drawknife

    Started by ajg681: I got a drawknife at some point last Fall in an auction box. I was buying the K4-1/2c and Stanley 80, and it was included. It seems quite old- an L...

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  • E.C Stearns spoke shave?

    Started by DogHouse finds: Hi guys and gals, i recently stumbled upon this unmarked spokeshave that as an adjustable mouth. I came across some E.C Stearns spoke shaves that had...

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  • scraper, draw knife and chisels

    Started by walt k: Well guys sorry for not posting on much, but I have been coming on to read what other are posting. My problem is I'm not as...

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  • ??????

    Started by poa: So, can anyone tell me anything about these? How 'bout starting with you you call 'em? There is a manufacturer's name stamped on them, but the...

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    Started by timetestedtools: I couldn't leave it behind. I've never seen anything like it. You slide the clips to release the handles.

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  • Cincinnati shave

    Started by TheOldFart: The June B G list arrived, wrote to Patrick and voila i am the new owner of an old Cincinnati circular spoke shave. You can see a pic on his list,...

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  • MF #1 ceegahr shave

    Started by Glen: Here's me newest cheapo acquisition a la 'bay; I had no idea I was going to buy it. I kick myself..there are other things I need to save for! But...

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