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  • Plough/Plow Recommendations

    Started by ajg681: I am not pursuing this rabbit hole aggressively, but looking for recommendations to be on the lookout for at sales this spring. I recently came...

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  • Newly acquired box of planes

    Started by Splinter: I just acquired a carpenters box of tools containing various hand planes and other tools. I've only seen a couple of them before but, other I have...

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  • E.B.S. coffin plane exotic wood

    Started by DogHouse finds: I stumbled upon this plane on a trip thrue the white mountains and even though it's worn, i couldn't pass on it at 5$. It's 8" long by 1...

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  • Unidentified Wooden Rabbet Plane ("???OTOWORKS")

    Started by bigbluesd: I was given two wooden hand planes that belonged to my great grandfather who was a carpenter in Atlanta and Jacksonville in the early 1900s. He was...

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  • Gage plane

    Started by walt k: Well since it rained here all day yesterday, and today is hot and muggy. And my wood is all wet, so I can't work on my shop. I did what any self...

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  • Some info on this plane

    Started by corelz125: The iron says William ash stamped L S on the front. Anybody familiar with these?

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  • Fulton transitional

    Started by walt k: Slip over to a local flea market this morning. Their wasn't any all metal planes, but I did fine this Fulton...

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  • Scraper plane?

    Started by walt k: Hi all I'm new here and had just pickup this tool. It was to me an interesting tool. I would call it a scraper, but some may call it a...

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  • H.S.B. REVONOC transitional plane

    Started by Kelly: Hi, New to the world of hand planes and woodworking. I have a H.S.B. REVONOC transitional plane. It is 15″ long x 3″ body. The blade is 2...

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  • Plane Troubles!

    Started by Jacob: My wife and I were antiquing yesterday and I picked up what appears to be a very low use fore plane. Everything seems to be in excellent condition...

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  • Chapin-Stephens smoothing plane

    Started by PaulM: couldn't pass up for $4.

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  • C.E. Parker

    Started by timetestedtools: This was in to good of shape to not bring home. This beech looks as good as the day it was made. haven't found anyone a C.E Parker. A Guide to...

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  • Unmarked screw plow

    Started by Glen: I just got a basketcase plow with good hardware, one iron, and no maker's mark. The iron is marked W Butcher Sheffield with the arrow and maltese...

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  • A John Vett

    Started by timetestedtools: John Very was a plane maker in Philadelphia from 1857-99. This plane was in fantastic shape. All I did was clean it up and oil it. It was even sharp....

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  • An Auburn Tools Restore.

    Started by timetestedtools: An auburn tools restore. I knew that $2 tote would come in handy someday.

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