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  • whitmore block plane

    I came across a whitmore block plane. Don't know much about them. Anybody here familiar with them?

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    Started by corelz125

  • Rare vintage plane ??

    couldn't pass up for 50¢ Looks barely used. Original box too, probably worth a lot. Even has a "certificate of assurance" - good for 15...

    4 0 44

    Started by PaulM

  • Craftsman block plane

    another block plane followed me home. Had to take because of the different type of lateral lever and the different mouth opening system. The iron has...

    14 0 695

    Started by PaulM

  • another C-Man block plane

    saw a moving sign a few blocks away, walked over today. Tons of older stuff, filling 2 garages. Some tools, a ton of just old stuff. Pickers were...

    7 0 52

    Started by PaulM

  • Fulton Block Plane

    Just picked this up on eBay. Never seen a block plane like this. I was wondering if Stanley or some other company made it? Are they rare?

    1 0 53

    Started by Suppressive-Fire

  • Camel hump double ender.....

    Just recieved this yesterday. What a dynamite little plane! Easily my favorite double ender. The heft of this plane is remarkable. Holding it in one...

    11 0 56

    Started by poa

  • All I want for Easter...

    ...is a $400 dual-angle, high-tech block plane http://www.bridgecitytools.com/default/tools/what-s-new/hp-9-dual-angle-block-plane.html

    2 0 26

    Started by Cplane

  • Loose lateral adjuster on craftsman 187-37052

    I recently inherited a Craftsman 187-37052 in really nice shape, and am wondering if this thing is missing a spacer or something between the bed and...

    8 0 120

    Started by woodbooger

  • Made in Germany #2200 Block Plane

    I picked this plane up in a flea market for $2 or $3. I bought it because I’d never seen one, and it was $2 or $3. An little research lead...

    3 0 111

    Started by timetestedtools

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