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  • Motor Pulley For Delta Drill Press

    I bought a 14" Delta drill press, I dated the serial number to a 1945 manufacturing date. I got a great deal on it, and it is in pretty solid...

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    Started by ajg681

  • The Walker Turner no. 751

    So...finally spinning wood on this lathe. Funny thing is, I've had a large modern Craftsman in storage now for quite some time, and it just doesn't...

    4 0 37

    Started by poa

  • Walker-Turner No. 751 lathe. 1930s/40s?

    Picked this up last Friday. Got a pretty good price on it, and something about it just caught my fancy. The restoration is pretty much done as far...

    1 0 14

    Started by poa

  • Stanley Electric Plane.

    Doesn't anyone collect them? Does anyone know how to work on them? I can get this one to start. I might have to find parts too. So if you know a good...

    7 0 108

    Started by Suppressive-Fire

  • Mobile base for Delta Lathe

    Considering making a mold for a mobile base for my lathe. There must be lots of folks with these stands under their lathes. Does anybody think that...

    4 0 26

    Started by Paul E.

  • Delta Collection

    Trying to equip my shop with old restored Delta woodworking machines. 1945 Delta Unisaw 1952 Delta 24" Scroll Saw 1948 Delta 6" Jointer

    6 0 62

    Started by Kenlew

  • Limited space old machinery......

    If you search for the user "kgtools08" on ebay, they have some pretty neat small bench top machines that lend themselves to a limited...

    0 0 41

    Started by poa

  • Maybe missed out...bummer....

    Check this out.... http://vintagemachinery.org/classifieds/detail.aspx?id=9331 I emailed the guy, and apparently he's got a deal cooking....

    16 0 47

    Started by poa

  • Vintage Walker turner lathe

    You may remember the lathe I went and picked up. It was a great idea at the time and I’m sure in the end, it’ll all work out. But talk about a...

    11 0 113

    Started by timetestedtools

  • Great addition to your site!

    I look forward to posting on some machine restorations I have going...like an old horizontal boring machine, (for dowling), and the recent 4"...

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    Started by poa

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