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  • Dating UK no 7

    Started by tenjin: Hi, I have a no 7 that I'm trying to date. It has Rosewood handles, square iron and chip breaker tops, brass adjuster nut, no bars, no raised area...

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  • 6-C

    Started by Paul E.: My Dad gave me this 6-C yesterday. He was questioning why he had ever bought a plane that was so heavy. He also said that the tote and knob are...

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  • Stanley no 5

    Started by TomiRosso: I got this kind of English Stanley. Maybe the war-era? Or do you have another opinion? Thick castings. Sharp edges at top of iron. And that black...

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  • English Plane type study

    Started by timetestedtools: http://www.timetestedtools.net/2016/02/20/stanley-english-type-study-draft/ A new post. We're trying to put together a type study for English...

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