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  • Simonds 96 or 97 backsaw

    I just got a 16" Simonds back saw, 11ppi with 3.5" under the back in a lot of saws for 10 bux on the bay. I like it! It hangs great in...

    7 0 86

    Started by Glen

  • Checklist

    I needed a checklist to track my growing collect......er user saws.

    2 0 32

    Started by TheOldFart

  • Simonds No 8

    Picked up a nice 20" No 8 filed at 12 ppi. It's my first 8 so now I have 8,9,10, Blue Ribbon 71, and a 95 mitre saw.

    5 0 39

    Started by TheOldFart

  • Simmonds number 10

    Picked up this sweet thang today. Nice clear etch

    10 0 51

    Started by TheOldFart

  • Does this count....???

    Hate to start this category out with a mere keyhole saw...but hey, I dig 'em. The only other Simonds I have is a Stanley mitre box saw, and it bores...

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    Started by poa

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