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  • Atkins No. 1 6" x 30", caught in a time warp.

    Local score. I don't think it has ever made a cut.

    6 0 61

    Started by poa

  • Forgotten.....'til now....

    Was just going through stuff. You know....stuff... Forgot this stuff. I knew I had some Atkins. But I forgot how nice these are. I really should...

    2 0 54

    Started by poa

  • The Atkins nail saw....

    I've had this saw now for some time, and mentioned it here on an occassion or two. I've thrown it on ebay three times, with nary a bite, each time...

    7 0 77

    Started by poa

  • Atkins saw no etch

    Anyone know what Atkins# this is? There is no etch, the nuts appear to be steel.

    3 0 49

    Started by TheOldFart

  • Atkins No. ?

    Going through my hand saws this morning, I found this Atkins rip, 5 point, 26" skewback, that I have yet to identify in regards to model number....

    1 0 36

    Started by poa

  • Atkins keyhole saw saved from scrap bin

    thanks to you guys and gals, I now can't let saws like this go to the scrap bin. $1 at the last hour of a local garage sale (including a level I...

    7 0 71

    Started by PaulM

  • Double sacrilege....

    Well...I started the Simonds category out with a mortal sin, and I ain't in the mood to repent, so what the heck...... Incidentally, looking at...

    0 0 60

    Started by poa

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