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  • Sargent no 52

    I finally got around to refinishing this one. There were several cracks and holes in the handle that I filled with epoxy/sawdust and attempted to...

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    Started by PaulM

  • couple of fines

    Well I had to run over to the other side of the county this morning and of course, I can't go over their on the week...

    15 0 140

    Started by walt k

  • My 3 scrapers

    I only have this type of scraper, 3 examples. - An older Atkins that I don't use, I just cleaned up the wood. No blade - A Stanley no 82 scraper,...

    2 0 66

    Started by PaulM

  • Friends

    As you get older, you learn not to take your friends for granted. You find that you begin to loss them faster then you make new ones. Old age will...

    6 0 49

    Started by walt k

  • Craftsman scraper

    I have never seen one like this, so I grabbed it.

    5 1 42

    Started by PaulM

  • Crippled Stanley no.12.....

    Lacking a scraper blade, this no.12 is worthless for anything other than being a paperwieght. Being picky, I decided over a year ago that I would...

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    Started by poa

  • Ultra Rare Union 90

    Ultra rare Union 90 in complete and excellent condition. Very similar to the Stanley 283. One exception is the front disc with the patent of 9 29...

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    Started by kdc68

  • My only two scrapers

    ..that aren't card scrapers, that is. I still have not yet used them. I haven't had 'em that long.

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    Started by Glen

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