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  • Sargent no 52

    Started by PaulM: I finally got around to refinishing this one. There were several cracks and holes in the handle that I filled with epoxy/sawdust and attempted to...

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  • couple of fines

    Started by walt k: Well I had to run over to the other side of the county this morning and of course, I can't go over their on the week...

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  • My 3 scrapers

    Started by PaulM: I only have this type of scraper, 3 examples. - An older Atkins that I don't use, I just cleaned up the wood. No blade - A Stanley no 82 scraper,...

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  • Friends

    Started by walt k: As you get older, you learn not to take your friends for granted. You find that you begin to loss them faster then you make new ones. Old age will...

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  • Craftsman scraper

    Started by PaulM: I have never seen one like this, so I grabbed it.

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  • Crippled Stanley no.12.....

    Started by poa: Lacking a scraper blade, this no.12 is worthless for anything other than being a paperwieght. Being picky, I decided over a year ago that I would...

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  • Ultra Rare Union 90

    Started by kdc68: Ultra rare Union 90 in complete and excellent condition. Very similar to the Stanley 283. One exception is the front disc with the patent of 9 29...

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  • My only two scrapers

    Started by Glen: ..that aren't card scrapers, that is. I still have not yet used them. I haven't had 'em that long.

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