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  • Stanley #45 Spur Screw

    Started by greensnow: Looking for a new spur screw for a new in the box Stanley 45 that I found at the local flea market. Everything is there except missing one spur...

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  • Wanted Goodall Planes

    Started by woodbutcher: I'm looking for Goodall planes; condition, model, size does not matter. I have 2 of these planes and like them, I think I've found most of their...

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  • Will Burt Vise

    Started by JapaneseTexan: Looking for one of the original "tall boy" versions of this vise. I have a friend that wants one so I'm looking for him, he doesn't mind a...

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  • 2 3/8" cap iron needed

    Started by comboprof: I need a 2 3/8" cap iron for a buck blade to fit into a wooden jointer.

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  • Router plane

    Started by Cplane: Looking for a Preston, Tyzack or Walke Moore router plane. Prefer the larger 2500 model. These tend to be quite pricey. Would like to get one for a...

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  • Cap needed

    Started by Paul E.: Like I need another smooth plane and one without a cap. I cannot say that I even tried to resist call to rescue this one. The iron says Stanley. 1...

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  • Antique tool books

    Started by DogHouse finds: Hi, i am looking for some antique tool books aka American woodworking tools by Kebabian or Le livre de l'outils by Velter. Anything in these waters...

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  • Victor # 12

    Started by greensnow: Looking for the front knob for a victor #12 pocket plane. Does anyone have this part?

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  • need 12-28 thumbscrew

    Started by PaulM: anyone got an old thumbscrew from a MF fret saw? I need another one. I think is #12-28 screw size (dia = 0.210, and the thread count is 28tpi). ...

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  • Miter box bushing and bolt

    Started by joshsibille: Looking for a Miter box bushing and bolt for a stanley 244.

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  • Irons for Wooden Plow Plane

    Started by mhutchinson: I just got lucky enough to get ahold of an old Edward Carter plow plane. Quartersawn beech, wedges to lock the arms in place, no handle. I've...

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  • Ohio (I think) transitional parts needed.

    Started by Bill White: I was given a razee style 9" transitional. Had a Stanley 2 3/8" SweetHart iron, but no chip breaker or lever cap. I'm thinking that it is...

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  • ISO Sargent Auto-Set jointer irons

    Started by terryR: Looking for the correct irons for a Sargent 718 and 722. Don't want reproductions. I know these will be tough to score, but I'll trade US...

    4 0 60
  • Bedrocks

    Started by Chicago Handyman: Looking for Bedrock 603, 604 1/2, 605 1/2, 608. Ideally C with flat sides

    2 0 65
  • Stanley SW miter box saw....

    Started by poa: Looking for a Sweetheart 4" x 26".

    10 0 137
  • Anyone got a set of these?

    Started by Glen: Thanks to PaulM I am inching my way to a complete 73A mitre box. He's had a few things on hand that I simply couldn't find. I owe that guy...

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  • Meat saw handle hardware

    Started by PaulM: anyone have any handle hardware for the Disston meat saw I picked up a while back? It came to me with just machine screws and nuts. The hole...

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  • #45 cutters

    Started by Glen: Just got a newer 45 and got it cleaned up a bit. But between a type 8 and a type 3 I have only ONE cutting iron??!? Blasphemous. I'm hoping to...

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  • ISO Stanley and Sargent

    Started by Angie: Hi everyone, I'm looking for a Stanley 4-1/2 sole with two patent dates. I'm also looking for a Sargent #410. The Stanley sole just needs to...

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  • In need of a 12x24 round headed screw

    Started by timetestedtools: Looks like this No Phillips!

    15 0 69
  • In search of

    Started by timetestedtools: Sargent VBM blade for a #15 Ohio Tools #5 1/4 blade. 1 1/8" width Sargent type 1 or 2 blade for a #410 - 2 3/4" (same as a #418 or #422)...

    8 0 138
  • Simple on going list

    Started by Angie: I've reached my goal on squirrel tail planes. Thanks you all!!

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  • Glen wants a...

    Started by Glen: I decided to start over and pretty much can the previous thread I started. I left it for posterity... I want a: Millers Falls 27 Millers Falls...

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  • POA's want ads.....revised 8-2-16

    Started by poa: Misc. Planes; *Stanley type 4 no.8... *Good KeenKutter no. 6, 7, or 8. Smoother or corrogated. Must have good wood.....pre-lateral Stanley No. 2...

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