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  • Unknown Wood Clamping / Holding Thingy

    Started by cjones6108: This has been in a drawer in my shop for 20 years, was in my step-father's shop for at least that long before that, and it was old before all that. ...

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  • unknown woodworking vise

    Started by PaulM: finally getting around to posting this. Came from extended family, the PO had painted alot of his tools blue/red. The mechanism is interesting, the...

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  • Morgan 20A vise

    Started by PaulM: I picked up another woodworking vise, for $15. Morgan 20A. I don't need it, but, well you guys/gals know. It's not quick release, and the handle...

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  • 5" leg vise..

    Started by poa: Just cleaned up the leg vise I scored a few days ago. Works very smoothly now.

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  • Oliver Pattern maker's vise

    Started by poa: Just managed to grab this locally. It does have a couple of issues, but I got it cheap enough that I can either address the issues, of flip it for...

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  • Shaving Horse

    Started by Paul E.: I have just finished a replacement for my old shaving horse. I started scouting local homeschoolers for suitable placement of the retiree.

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  • Unknown piece, EC Atkins stamp

    Started by PaulM: not sure what this is, or what its from. The stamping has EC Atkins, from Indianapolis. Any ideas?

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