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    Started by tipups: Picked this hammer up today. I am curious as to who made it. Any idea, aside from Mr. Hand? Thanks, Greg

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  • Saw makers hammer

    Started by timetestedtools: Found this on the bottom of a pile of stuff I was digging through. I probably didn't know what it was when I threw it there. Thanks to Jon Hall I now...

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  • Miller's falls

    Started by corelz125: One of the hammers that gets regular use. Has a good feel to it nice grip and good balance.

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  • Uh oh....oops, I did it again....

    Started by poa: Hmmmmm.....another where the hell did all this come from kinda day.. Better be careful, or I won't have room for my next OCD attack...

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  • Stanley sweetheart hammer no15 13oz size 2

    Started by Bigjay77: Found this the other day on the bottom of a shelf and the junk store Stanley sweetheart hammer the number 15 13oz size 2 with original handle pretty...

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  • KK claw and Shapleigh? pein

    Started by PaulM: 2 freebies from helping a neighbor clean his garage - - KeenKutter claw hammer - Shapleigh (??) ball pein. not sure of age of either. .

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  • Another blacksmith's tool...

    Started by poa: Heres the hot cut tool that PaulE was nice enough to put in my greedy hands. Don't mistake it for a hammer head. It is actually a struck tool, hit...

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  • Cut devil....

    Started by poa: Heres one you guys probably ain't aware of. Neither was I up until a couple of days ago, when I raised some questions about cutting rail on the...

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  • No idea

    Started by Paul E.: I am not at all sure what the original employment of this one was. Any ideas?

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  • Is it a fetish, an obsession, or just plain mental retardation?

    Started by poa: So...hasn't really been that long since Don created this category. When I decided to go ahead and start buying and restoring hammers, I made a pact...

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  • Stanley 2oz ball pein

    Started by Phill N LeBlanc: this little beauty followed me home from a garage sale a couple of weeks ago. For those times when only a tap will do. Don't think they get any...

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  • GAM MFG. CO. hammer/screwdriver

    Started by Jeff: I remember my dad had one of these when I was a kid. It is made by the Gam MFG. Company in Lancaster PA. I found this one at a recent estate sale. ...

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  • Small dog face hammer...

    Started by poa: Here's the first dog face I have found in the wild. I believe the majority of them were blacksmith made. This one, true to form, has no markings....

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  • Brass hammer

    Started by Paul E.: This one resurfaced, hung behind an ax on the wall.

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  • Cheney nailer...

    Started by poa: Just found in a thrift shop... http://jtc.net/hchc/nailer/

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  • My special little hammahs!

    Started by TheOldFart: These have found their way into my shop.

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  • Stanley Hammer

    Started by Paul E.: My favorite Stanley hammer hanging on the second house our team built this week in Nicaragua.

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  • My go to hammers

    Started by efwoodworks: I have three small hammers that I use in the shop; a Millers Falls #1418 7oz, a Goodell Pratt 4oz brass and a Hammacher Schlemmer #3 cross pein...

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  • Flea Find Hammer

    Started by BRock: Here's a little find at the local Flea Market this past summer. Got there late and the vendor said that a half dozen "tool guys" looked at...

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  • Stanley Warrington Pattern

    Started by BRock: Here are my "go-to" hammers in my shop, Stanley Warrington pattern (cross peen). Made by Stanley in England. W00 6oz, W0 8oz, W1 10oz, and...

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  • ATHA hammer

    Started by PaulM: per the ID of BRock, I have this ATHA hammer in my drawer of old hammers. "that would be an ATHA later Stanley ATHA. Horseshoe logo is...

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  • A Hammer? Sure? If you say so?

    Started by timetestedtools: At POA's request here is a Hammer category and a strange one I picked up a few years ago. The most common guess i get it sits a autobody repair...

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