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I'm not sure if this is the right category.
I'm either looking for a copy of the MF 1894 catalog reprinted by the M-WTCA in 2008, or for someone to post legible pics of the pages containing the info on the #4 small hand drill. I just snagged a repainted one on a comparatively stupid BIN price on ebay and I'm trying to date it before it gets here.
This version is shown in the 1904 catalog. I contacted the guys at Astragal just a minute ago to see if they have copies of the 1887 reprint on hand (they're about as local to me as you can get) and I found out that 8 years ago, the club reprinted the next previous edition to what's available as a pdf!
I might end up posting a type study on the blog after a while. These tiny things are way cool.
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