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Here is the latest addition to the Keen Kutter collection. A very nice K2, happily acquired from one of our members. Gave it a quick clean and tune. ( maybe a little too quick, notice that I missed a little oxidation on the side of the lever cap in the photo) May go back to it, but I hate to over clean. I want my planes to show their age but at the same time I was always told by my old man that a rusted tool is the sign of a poor craftsman. Click image for larger version - Name: K2-1.jpg, Views: 43, Size: 433.05 KB Click image for larger version - Name: K2-2.jpg, Views: 41, Size: 452.67 KB Click image for larger version - Name: K2-3.jpg, Views: 38, Size: 427.39 KB
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It looks good. That's a great addition to any collection!
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