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Okay, so I have a problem with block planes. My "usable collection" philosophy is to only keep one tool of every size or function in my collection, and if I find a better one- I sell off the previous version. That holds true for most things- except <$10 No.4 planes- I fix those up for my woodworking merit badge stash. Oh, and saws. Oh, and block planes. 😉 

I got a few lots of mostly mismatched block planes last week- among them was a KK 9-1/2. At first glance, I thought it felt a little light, and the mouth adjustment mechanism felt a little cheesy. The mouth was also rusted shut. After a soaking in Kroil to get it loose, I am really impressed at the range of the adjustable mouth, as well as how smoothly it functions. I had a Stanley 9-1/2 in the same lot with the same rusted mouth. Even clean, it doesn't work nearly as well. I don't know if it is bad luck or what, but I have only ever come across a few Stanley adjustable mouths on old block planes that seem to work correctly. Often, the don't ride back and forth very well, instead they push off from one end or the other, and tightening the knob is the only way to get them seated back flush.

This KK 9-1/2 fits very tight in the sole, and can be closed down to a very tight opening. 

I will probably get it tuned up and try it out before I decide to repaint it-some gonzo smeared some black latex paint or something on the top, and spray painted the sides silver. It is ugly as sin but it wasn't rusty!

I know Don restored one of these, and has the pictures here. I don't remember seeing if you liked using it though. Anyone else have one of these? 

I'll get some pics up once it is back together. 
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