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This is an example of the life span of the #87 block plane. For this thread I'll refer to the three planes as type 1, 2 and 3. Type 1 (T1) is the first release with the MF name around the knob. Type 2 (T2) has the name on the side with a solid threaded wooden knob. Type 3 (T3) was an external screw holding the knob.
The t1 and t2 have a solid throat and the iron support is very narrow at the base. The t3 has a hollowed throat and the supports have more mass at the base. The mouth on the t3 is open more then the t1 and t2 planes. The support bar has also been moved on the t3 plane.
IMG_20180712_161923801.jpg  IMG_20180712_162040800.jpg 
All three planes have the same cap.


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I have red and black cap t1. It is reasonable that the same changes were made on the 97...I have one but don't have a later example.
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